Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why God should come in the Flesh a 2nd Time

Luke 18:8- However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?

The bible records that when Christ comes again(2nd coming) there will be no faith on earth. Actually, This very same fact can be found in the Book of Psalms. As it is written:

Psalm 53:1-6- The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good. God looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God. Everyone has turned away, they have together become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one. ...Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion! When God restores the fortunes of his people, let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad!

God looks down on this whole earth and see not one with true faith, then if God appears as the last judge who will be saved? No one. That is why Christ must come again in the flesh to restore the Truth of Life which was abolished during the dark ages.

Hebrews 9:28- Christ...will appear a second time not to bear sin but to bring salvation....

Since Christ must come to bring salvation, what prophecy is contained in the bible that will let us understand who the 2nd coming Jesus is?????